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All posts tagged “ux”

UI UX Design Patterns & Landing Page Inspiration

Find the best UI UX design patterns and Landing Page Inspiration at Waveguide, a searchable base of design examples and design knowledge. Thousands of UX Patterns,...

Some few weeks ago I shared with you something I'm building. Waveguide is a design knowledge base with cool features like semantic analysis. Just wanted to share with you a new section I added dedicated only to Mobile Landing Pages. I hope you guys can find it useful!

Can you help with this?


For an insurance product, we have created a Pricing table to help user choose the plan that best meets his needs.

There is a landing page on the previous step giving more explanation about the product. They press a button to make a quote and they see this table.

At the bottom of the table, you can have more info about every feature included in the different plans.

What do you think of it?
The pricing table is available here: https://invis.io/C2NYQZRQ6AK

We want to make sure the prospect understands the product and can make a choice with ease

We want feedback about anything that can help. Structure, design, UX, copy, etc. Just shoot everything that comes to your mind

Best Landing Pages Inspiration : keyframes.net

This is a landing page example as seen in keyframes.net. Found more landing pages inspiration and landing pages examples in the Design, Decoration & Visual category...

And btw... here is an example on how I document Landing Pages, featuring Keyframes Snapper Landing Page. I show color palettes, sentiment, tone, relevant keyword and there's more good stuff that I'll be showing... coming soon. :D

"10 Seconds Skip" by YouTube | UX/UI Pattern

This is a pattern found in the YouTube mobile apps. When a user performs a quick double on the edge of the video box the app video will do 10-second fast forward (right...

Hey there! I have a website called Waveguide where I document UX patterns and also curate landing pages and mobile apps designs.
Here is an example of some of the patterns mini teardowns I publish in Waveguide. Hope you guys like it!