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All posts tagged “web”

Sup ya'll, found this site from a twitch stream by the maker.

I am building a web app for helping people pack their luggage easier.

I am also tweeting the process of building this app on my twitter as well! twitter.com/yongelee_

Create a platform that helps people pack their luggage.

Design, layout, ideas.

WIP: Adding some hover animations of scaling and saturation filter on images.

Using an ease out curve at around 800ms
cubic-bezier(.082, .504, .234, 1.001)

Is it snappy? Is it too abrupt?

Recommendations on what else to do? :)

SVG panther - animated

Messing around with code + art. Illustration made in Illustrator then generated/saved out to SVG, SVG optimised for web, animated with CSS and then fa...

I have been torn between dedicating my time to art outside of work and learning code and cannot dedicate time to both enough after a full time job so i have decided to try to combine my love for drawing, art etc with code and this is my first stabe in a while. I am hoping to make much more and improve my code as I go along.
Yes this uses SVG, lots of code, generated from illustrator, cleaned up to work on web based on one of my drawings and then I animate it mostly with CSS with a cheap each in jQuery.
If anyone can help me improve the jquery or even refactor to vanilla i'd be grateful as I am struggling to do anything like that in vanilla like I can in jQuery!

jQuery(document).ready(function($) {
		.each(function(i) {
			$(this).delay(10 * i).animate({opacity: "1" }, 1000);

I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts guys and gals :)

P.S. for anyone interested you can view...

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Hovers and portfolio sites aside, who wants to see a real life WIP flow/UI nightmare? 😏

Curious if feedback on that sort of thing is possible without actually playing around with UI.
There's a bunch of tech constrains (reusing components that are already in the codebase etc etc), but i'm deliberately not mentioning them.

Disclaimer 1: This will be tested on real people, like tomorrow - follow along to learn the results!
Disclaimer 2: All pixels are off, but we don’t care - it’s not dribbbbble 🎉

You have an ordered collection of images/videos that you submit for approval and might get feedback on. Feedback can be on an individual asset (for ex, adjust brightness on that photo) or about reordering the collection. User goal is to apply said feedback :)

How does it feel:
1. "Replace a piece" and “Manage: Reorder, Delete" being separated.
2. Actual feedback note is not visible in Manage section when you reordering/deleting.
3. Cucumbers with eyelashes or without?

We keep making progress on the Race Calculator side project.

In this daily update, we're putting together the input controls, the results' table and porting the JavaScript prototype into React components.

Check it out: https://adrianmato.com/blog/worklog/race-calculator/#august-26-2018-at-1914

I'm trying to find a good compromise between something appealing but compact enough to show a lot of density of information on the results table.

I'd love to hear more ideas on how to display a compact enough table of times and also how you'd highlight the column with the desired pace time (selected by the user).

I'm also open to other aesthetics suggestions.

Putting some color in a pretty neutral theme.

We're automatically generating some documentation. I'm trying to put some fun into all this neutral theme when hovering the logo. I'm using a CSS filter so it varies the different colors independently of the logo used.

Do you have any better ideas that would scale to different types of logos?

Hi! This is my first post it's nice to be part of this community that promotes feedback and collaboration.

I'm launching my website featuring some of the projects I've been working on. Have a look and share some feedback, please!! 🤗


I've just finished a Front-End Nanodegree at Udacity after spending the last 5 years working in Operations, Billing, and Customer Support. I'd be sharing some more side projects I'm working on, to grow my portfolio and hopefully get a junior position here in San Francisco,

Have a great day!