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and this is what I played around a bit with yesterday ... kinda liking it more at the moment. I also moved the header labels a bit more inward and away from the center placement. I am thinking I may add a collapse/show functionality to the header eventually so that was my reasoning. I also kinda like it a bit more on the side than the center. This update feels more aligned. Thank you

Captured with Snapper App

Stick to a native iOS / Apple look while being trendy with cards / rounded objects.

is it cool for you to see these cells with spacing between? would you rather have them be grouped into tighter sections again? does it matter at this point? any suggestions welcome. Cross platform look isn't my goal btw. Thanks <3

Hello Keyframes,

I've started learning Swift for macOS dev recently. And this is one of my recent projects. Simple pattern generator that uses regular Unicode symbols (including Emoji).

It is still pretty much a work in progress. Currently trying to figure out how to make a decent symbol picker.

✌️ Added a new waveform visualizer to the https://songsling.io landing page.

🎵 It uses web audio to generate noise and plays back a looped beat. There's no sound as the output is muted, but it's very useful for performant drawing (via canvas).

🌐 Next: the idea is to sync the start of the beat with the keyframe in the animation (made by https://www.instagram.com/123pingu/) where the globe starts smiling and mute again when turns around. I might have to change it from .gif to .mp4 or find a solution to track .gif keyframes. Suggestions welcome!

The essence of the service is that you can create interactive tracks that change in response to online metrics. So my idea was to have an animation of 🌐and a waveform that sort of conveys that (beat starts pumping when the 🌐 looks happy/accomplished, otherwise it's quiet)

Everything that would enhance the results really! I'm not a designer so all feedback very welcome.

Taking my mockup and recreating it for lots of videos for Microsoft Ignite. Once I get the template down, it should be easy to pop out about 20 of these for each platform. Also made it easy to create square versions of these for social media reallly easily. I know I'm doing this through Snapper — but any feedback from this still? I'm all ears :)

Captured with Snapper App

One video with dual purposes.

One for a 16x9 format, and another for square social format (easily created from the to be shown on a big screen in a conference booth)

Here's the setup for the larger format — the shield will have a different graphic, but everything else will be the same: https://imgur.com/a/AQCXoRA


Timing animation examples for chat (not too fast, not too slow, not too distracting).

Left text with the color highlight — yay? Nay?

This is just the beginning so it's a still, making things move will be soooooon

I am doing some web-development for a customer and he doesn't like the header design I have currently created. I am trying to follow the F shaped pattern of reading for the header but I am open to suggestions.

He wanted something very straight to the point without "fancy bells or whistles" but something that makes the logo stand out to the customer when they first land on the page.

I am currently working on the design of everything else but need to focus time on the header now. I was thinking about putting the logo dead-center and links around it - does anybody have any other suggestions?

I wanted little animated gifs as thumbnails for all my portfolio pieces.

To mock-up some ideas, I played around in Lightbox and came up with this. It’s an early idea representing “location based products.”

One day, it will be a looping animation thumbnail for my online portfolio, representing a series of my location-based products at my previous job.

It’s meant to be a hand tossing a location pin, which then ripples outward to then reset.

Not sure where to take this.
- The hand motion is not natural at all... how should I approach this in the final piece?
- Any and all thoughts are welcome on this early work

Fixing myself as a maker

One of my biggest fears and a big source of frustration as a maker has been taking things too seriously. Things are never good enough, I can’t make decisions...

What about feedback on drafts before posting to the public?

I'm trying to get back to writing and I'm starting to share some basic articles with some friends before exposing them in public or linking them from the homepage of my website.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this particular text. Something I've been thinking and talking about lately with some folks on Twitter (hi Pasquale).