Fixing myself as a maker

One of my biggest fears and a big source of frustration as a maker has been taking things too seriously. Things are never good enough, I can’t make decisions...

What about feedback on drafts before posting to the public?

I'm trying to get back to writing and I'm starting to share some basic articles with some friends before exposing them in public or linking them from the homepage of my website.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this particular text. Something I've been thinking and talking about lately with some folks on Twitter (hi Pasquale).


Fresh Top
  1. This, so much!!!! I think we're living in an age where everyone is a brand competing with each other, and we've lost the raw mess of creativity along the way. Doesn't help that all the social networks we hang out on encourage you to behave this way.

  2. Perfection is boring af. The journey is exciting. Impulse and spontaneity exposes true character.

  3. +999 @pasquale! You actually (among others) inspired me to go back to the roots in that sense :)

  4. Yo @adrian! ... This post resonates with me so deeply and on so many levels. We've elevated perfection as purity of design, when in actuality iterating and making a mess is how we learn and push forward. I'm inspired by your words.

  5. I'm really glad you liked this, @jdsimcoe!


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