Working on a refreshed brand for Pigeon: Would love some thoughts on this. Drawing birds is hard. Beak to eye ratio and iris to white-of-eye ratio and width/shape of neck are challenging.

Captured with Snapper App

Trying to create a branding for a friend's app in the family space.

I want some dialed-in feedback on the bird head ratios.


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  1. I love how cute it looks. I see it as having a bit of a pouty face and it's a good thing.

    Is the blue something you're required to use? Pigeons are mostly grey-blue with pink (see anything by Staple Pigeon for comparison), so right now he looks a bit parrot-ish. Also, I'm getting you wanted to show depth by putting the beak so far inside the head, but maybe the other eye peeking from the back or some shadow would improve that, because with the flat illustration style it feels like it's a bit too far in.

  2. I'm with @mariusz

    Just to add some ideas to @mariusz's point about adding depth:

    1. You could move the beak to slightly overlap with the outer circle.
    2. make the neck go \ / instead of | | that makes it look like it's peaking out of the circle.
    3. A gradient (dark blue to bright blue), starting from the bottom of the neck to the top of the head, will add some more depth but will also help to create a bit of contrast between the neck and the 'pigeon' text below.

    Seperate point about the logo/text.

    - You could transform the "i" to look like a pigeons neck/head that peaks out of the surrounding text ( it "keeps an eye out" ).

  3. Love the color choices and type pairing

    Maybe move the eye forward a bit, so the bird has a little more cranium/think meat?

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