The app icon I landed on for Keyframes macOS (thus far) is the 3rd one from the left. Not 100% sold on it, but wanted to get some feedback. Still exploring.

Captured with Snapper App

I'm trying to develop an icon that feels true to Keyframes and captures it's playful delight, and that also feels at place in the macOS dock. I know this can be pushed further but I was hacking around late last night and wanted to have something to get the alpha going.

What is working, what is not? Specifically, should the direction try to infuse the shape-faces and bring more personality in? If so, how.


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  1. I like #2 better. When you reorient the little symbols they lose their association w/ keyframe UI (see After Effects, etc).

  2. Good assessment @jruck I was riffing on the Favicon which arrays them diagonally, but I think the horizontal might work better. I'll keep playing with it.

  3. I'd consider a version with no background! Just a circle and square floatin' in space?

  4. @pasquale I like that idea! I'll explore that too.

  5. @jdsimcoe Oh didn't notice the favicon, hmm

  6. That’s gold star is so nice, cute and recognizable. Even though you’d think that shape isn’t very ownable, I think it could be with the way you’ve rendered it.

    They keyframe promitives in the other iterations are a little too simple and don’t make for a recognizable shape. Maybe if they were yellow or contrasting more they could?

    Gotta love that squircle! Nice touch

  7. Thanks for the feedback, @max! Love these ideas.

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