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  1. Great energy!!! looking forward to seeing the final with the cat!

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  3. Looks lovelly! Can’t wait for finished cat and whole thing coming to live

  4. I love that pearl collar, so sassy

    maybe one more frame in there before the final pose?

  5. So good! Love the style, great work!

    Agree with @pinksad It feels abrupt right at the final pose. an extra frame may do it, or a stepped approach first bubble, then the second then the tagline...

  6. Thanks @someguero! Take a look at my latests. :)

  7. Wow, this is so cool. There's a lot of detail in the motion, which I love. Was this all done in AE? Was Flash involved?

  8. Thanks @motion! I actually did it in Animate (Flash). I'm still not comfortable enough to tackle a project like this in AE. :P

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  10. Very nice! This looks like it took a while to make.

  11. @lukeroberts Yeah, took a bit longer than expected. It was a freelance job, and I had to shuffle it in between the day job, family, etc.

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