Animation: What would you like to learn?

Lessons can be pretty expensive but I believe in self and community teaching.

What do you struggle the most with animation or would like to learn in the long run?

The idea here is to get the basics and get into more advanced stuff next year, maybe getting some Calarts and Gobelins students as guest teachers.

Create a curriculum that guides someone from total beginner to an intermediate-level animator.

Make animation easy to learn and accessible to everyone.
Help the community develop strong skills.
Improve teaching and skills.

Know what everyone is struggling with at the moment animation-wise.
Ideas on what to teach, specifically topics that cannot be found online for free.


Fresh Top
  1. I'm SO into seeing more resources to help out budding animators.

    I'd love to see teachers dive deeper into tricks around wrestling computers. Getting into the principles of the COMPUTER part - how and why things work the way they do on a technical level, to round out some of the traditional fundamentals would cover both sides of the puzzle.

    How do you tame the noodlebox / spline editor? What is interpolation? Some of the math of it. Some light physics and computer graphics theory.

    More critiques as part of the process would be so helpful.

  2. community teaching sounds great.

    I find my biggest issues are timing and exaggeration of movement and sight gags. I like enhancing the movement/gag instead of it being too "realistic," but I'm usually hindered by deadlines or my own abilities.


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