Thoughts on 2D +3D Animation workflow.

Has anyone combined 2D and 3D animation together?

It would be great to know your thoughts on a workflow, I am currently trying out some techniques but this Cinema 4D and Animate CC workflow doesn't allow for much changes once everything is exported.

Current workflow:

-Animate roughs in flash
-Export as .swf
-Import in Ae as an .mov
-Import .mov as animated texture in a plane in C4D
-Place 3D elements using flash animation as a reference
-Export 3D and composite everything with clean animation

A better 2D-3D workflow.

Something easier that allows changes in timing, etc.


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  1. I think you can do img sequences in c4d/maya. How about flash -> img sequence, and then img sequence right into c4d?

    should cut out a ton of steps

  2. Will definitely try it! My only issue right now is the edibility and change of perspective.


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