Exploring a little hover animation on the Keyframes mark.

I'm trying to infuse some playfulness into the Desktop app when you hover over the main logomark.

I would love to know what folks thing of this interaction. Is it annoying? Does it work? Is it too much?


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  1. That it injects some character into the interaction.

    It feels somewhat rigid. If you look at the animation work of the media/snap/question/link buttons, they feel fluid... like the elements within the icon exist in a little universe. When the whole mark rocks like this, it sort of makes the elements feel too tethered together?

    I would either try something simpler (a subtle scale), or try to animate the shapes independently so they have a character all their own.

    These are just my two cents, though! :)

  2. I like the idea of adding some playfulness, I think that fits well with the platform.

    I think this animation could become annoying. I use the keyframes logo to navigate around the site (return to home), having that animation play every time, I'm not sure if that would feel playful :)

    As @tylersticka said, maybe animating the shapes is a better way to go.

    Some ideas:

    - You could make this random as well, like for instance, the square could tip over to the left and slide against the circle pushing it of the screen.

    - Or the square could top over to the right and kick over all letters of the keyframes logo.

    - You could allow interaction with the two shapes, the user could drag/throw them around.

    - Only now do I realize that the two shapes indicate the symbols used in keyframe animation 🙃, you could maybe do something with that to make the relation more explicit.

  3. I could whip together a Lottie animation of the pieces broken up a little bit if you like?? Trigger it on hover?

  4. I think the profile nav and karma view should persist here -

    product wise: the karma thing is going have some strong influence on some future features!!

  5. @pasquale I was already thinking the same thing about Karma. Seems core to the platform and needs to be elevated.

  6. @tylersticka @rikschennink I love the ideas of bringing more movement to the logo animation. Currently the logo is a flat PNG image so I can't get crazy moving SVG elements around. But maybe if in the future @hq builds the mark as an SVG, we could bring some shape-based movement to it.

  7. How about animating the circle and square and not the title? A little spin or bounce - something light and playful

  8. It adds a bit of character and kinetics to the app.

    I agree with @tylersticka, something a little more subtle would feel better. This large shake is currently feeling a little PowerPoint-ish?

    Does the main logo do much on the desktop version? This sort of communicates some preeminence.

  9. Great ideas @koushik, and yeah @strawdogdesign I feel you on the PowerPoint-esque feels. I need to work with @pasquale on getting that logo as an SVG so I can play with it more.

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