One of the outtakes that are < 5mb from my current explorations in the architectonic series. I've trying to induce more variable sparsity/density in different areas.

I would love to eventually put some colors on this, as I'm sensing the bnw palette is becoming too recurrent.


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  1. Damn, really into the gradient falloff. We're gonna do better support for media uploads soon!!!!!

  2. Do you have any favorite resources for learning processing outside the stuff listed on

  3. @pascquale Daniel Shiffman's youtube channel is a great starting point and reference:

    His online book, Nature of Code, is also great:

    The Book of Shaders, which is for GLSL not processing, but you can draw a lot of parallels from:

    For the most part, the YouTube channel is really enough to get started and pick up stuff real quick. There's also discourse forums for processing. Feel free to ask me, I don't mind helping out.

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