Putting some color in a pretty neutral theme.

We're automatically generating some documentation. I'm trying to put some fun into all this neutral theme when hovering the logo. I'm using a CSS filter so it varies the different colors independently of the logo used.

Do you have any better ideas that would scale to different types of logos?


Fresh Top
  1. I love that you're adding some play!!!

    Maybe some sorta displacement map warp to shift the logo shape around a bit?

  2. 1
  3. I really love the logo glitch/blur/color effect. It feels very novel and playful.

    The link hover states feel almost more like a visual bug than an intentional thing. I'd explore something different there.

    I really enjoy the slight rotation on logo hover.

  4. @jdsimcoe do you mean the ones on the list? They feel better at real size and with more context. Any suggestions?

  5. @adrian Yeah I meant the ones on the list. I'd love to see it in context. Would probably make more sense to me.

  6. Hopefully I can show more of this sooner than later :)

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