This is a mark I'm playing with for a future publication (called PostPost). I started by playing with some type in Figma. Would love thoughts/suggestions.

Captured with Snapper App

I'm trying to create a simple, iconic mark to encapsulate a publication I want to launch in the future called PostPost.

I would love feedback on the weight, balance, and visual harmony of the mark and the overall direction?


Fresh Top
  1. I love the name

    I think the general proportions could use some work. The bar extending from the S, merging into the T seems to carry a lot of weight, and has a lot of negative space around it, making it feel a bit unbalanced.

    The top of the S on the bottom one appears to have a different curve. Seems to be a result of the inflection point on the S meeting the straight line. My eyes are craving the shape to repeat. Maybe the S's need to be reworked?

  2. Hey @pasquale thanks for the feedback. I agree about the spacing and connection between the "S" and "T". I think I wanted to replicate the extended bar on the left of the "P" and tried forcing it where it didn't belong. I'll keep exploring.

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