I'm trying to indicate this is a JavaScript plugin that can be used on websites. An earlier version had an iPhone X as a frame around the image editor on the right but that made it feel like this site was about an iOS library.

Does the frame around the editor feel like a browser window? Any confusion about the landing text?


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  1. I like the landing page, it's neat and everything is clear for me

    I'd decrease the letter spacing in the heading.

    Can't say if it's a video or a static image inside the browser frame, but I think it would be a great idea to use a short video here!

    Also, why "transforming" word in the subheading isn't highlighted?

    Yep, for me it's obvious that's a browser window.

  2. holy hell, I'm sold! You should chat to @iamcarbon about his project... This seems like it could plug in real nice.


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