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The Odin Project: the all-around program When we talk about The Odin Project, we’re probably talking about one of the most inspiring and complete online curr...

After some time helping my spouse to get into the Software Development industry, I've found a few interesting online/offline initiatives and I'd love to put together a list of the best places to make a career change and start coding and building things.

I'm especially interested in programs that promote equal opportunities.

I'd also love to know more about your thoughts, recommendations, and tips to share with people that are starting with this.

Thanks in advance, I love you!

Trying to gather a list of the best places to start learning to code and making things.

More online programs, especially the ones that promote equal opportunities in the IT industry.


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  2. I think you should consider putting this list on a dedicated domain, so it's a more easily shareable / memorable resource!!

    Just tweeted a link out to see if anyone has some great ideas.

  3. That's a good point. I'd probably put it in a separated domain once it gets enough content to be able to also filter a little bit through the resources!

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