Tom DesLongchamp




Born in Seattle. Studied film/animation at RISD.

What do you think of the latest Animate CC update?

I've never used Animate CC in any serious capacity, because it was utterly horrible. I would usually use Flash 2015 for my 2D animation purposes. For the past 2 years I'd been waiting for them to fix all the stupid stuff about Animate, and I noticed with this latest update, it's quite good.. like better than Flash was, so I'm pretty thrilled about that.

My fav new things:
-layer parenting (blessing and curse: it can be toggled keyframe to keyframe)
-improved brush tool performance, they simplified the smoothing to only 5 settings, which is weird, but I think it'll work for me.
-if you change the FPS, there's a new checkbox for expanding frame spans if you want to bump your 1s animation into a 2s setup, etc. Can be useful.
-general stability and responsiveness

Cool things that don't work very well yet:
-automatic lip syncing (very cool idea, but you have to have some super clearly articulated audio for it to really work, and it's clunky, but it may be useful for some...

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