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Animator and Illustrator from Mexico City.

Weekly animation practice ideas.

3d, 2d, stop motion, cutout or any kind of media you prefer.
Basically it would be to improve basic skills and move into more complicated stuff since there are a couple of ¨how do I get started¨posts on animation.

In these weeklies we could learn from each other and provide examples, resources and feedback. Almost like our little own animation mentor. Have been thinking about it and Pasquale confirmed it with that cool animation feedback video.

It could be something of the sort:

Part 1 - Basics

-Bouncing ball (timing spacing, smear frames, arcs)
-Bouncing ball with tail (timing, spacing, secondary action)
-Moving bouncing ball-rebound
-Different bouncing ball weights ping pong, bowling ball, tennis, balloon (weight)

-Flour sack jump (weight, volume, mass distribution)
-Flour sack walk / run / strut / sneak
-Flour sack gymnastics
-Flour sack dance (attitude, staging, extremes)

-Hips and legs movement (Analyzing and breaking down video reference)

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Animation: What would you like to learn?

Lessons can be pretty expensive but I believe in self and community teaching.

What do you struggle the most with animation or would like to learn in the long run?

The idea here is to get the basics and get into more advanced stuff next year, maybe getting some Calarts and Gobelins students as guest teachers.

Create a curriculum that guides someone from total beginner to an intermediate-level animator.

Make animation easy to learn and accessible to everyone.
Help the community develop strong skills.
Improve teaching and skills.

Know what everyone is struggling with at the moment animation-wise.
Ideas on what to teach, specifically topics that cannot be found online for free.

Thoughts on 2D +3D Animation workflow.

Has anyone combined 2D and 3D animation together?

It would be great to know your thoughts on a workflow, I am currently trying out some techniques but this Cinema 4D and Animate CC workflow doesn't allow for much changes once everything is exported.

Current workflow:

-Animate roughs in flash
-Export as .swf
-Import in Ae as an .mov
-Import .mov as animated texture in a plane in C4D
-Place 3D elements using flash animation as a reference
-Export 3D and composite everything with clean animation

A better 2D-3D workflow.

Something easier that allows changes in timing, etc.

Great animation books.

From timing to spacing, drawing to story.
Which would be your favorite books?

The Animator´s Survival Kit changed my life.
Also Dream Worlds: Production design for Animation helped me see each shot in a whole new light.

Just ordered: A hero with a thousand faces, The power of Myth and Animated Storytelling. (Trying to get those story muscles on!)